Introducing Azumo 

Our new name reflects our efforts to advance display technology. With Azumo-powered displays, devices can run for a week on a single charge, and can go wherever we need them to with visibility in direct sun and pitch darkness.

Our reflective display modules remove the restrictions around how and where we can look at our devices, and what they can do for us.

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Take the power back with frontlit reflective displays

Azumo technology is intrinsically safe, sips power at a 90% lower rate than backlit LCDs, and is certified for industrial and medical uses. The frontlit reflective LCD module is the next step in devices, and works in various industries.

An intrinsically safe display that you can see anywhere.


A display that doesn’t fight the sun and works longer with smaller batteries.


Low power draw for continuous monitoring with IEC 60601 certification. 


Advanced performance over transflective displays of the past.

Consumer Electronics

Slim, low power displays that communicate what’s necessary.

Internet of Things

The Azumo frontlit display module enables thinner and more versatile devices. With Azumo, you can build a smaller display stack that saves power and works in any environment. 

Why Azumo technology?

Our front light is removing the boundaries around what displays can do and where they can go. The Azumo front light panel works with reflective LCDs to overcome the inefficiencies and problems of backlit and emissive displays.

Our proprietary light guide is ultra thin and delivers the next generation of edge lighting with ultimate control. Light is optimized, and it only needs as few as one off-the-shelf LED to illuminate the display.

The reflective LCDs use ambient light when they can, and the front light does the work in low light. Get in front with Azumo.

Since 2008, we’ve been pushing the boundaries of displays with our lighting technology. We’ve aimed to shift the paradigm about how displays are lit so that devices can do more with less. 

Getting in front with innovative display solutions.


Talk to us about getting in front with Azumo.


Healthy viewing for extended periods, indoors and out.


(formerly FLEx).