A New Era of Display Technology

LCD 2.0 is the perfect component for your device providing consistent contrast indoors and outside for optimal viewing.

Azumo’s display technology enables devices to be seen in all lighting conditions, is energy efficient (saves battery life!), and ultra-thin at 50µm.

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Benefits of LCD 2.0

Our reflective display modules remove the restrictions around how and where we can view our devices, and what they can do for us.

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Sunlight readability

Enhance color images and video viewability flawlessly in dark, dim, and direct sunlight environments.


Ultra low power

Long lasting and uses up to 90% less energy than backlit LCDs. As low as 15uW in 100k lux ambient brightness!


High resolution & refresh rate

The only RLCD in the industry to offer high resolution with color, and a fast refresh rate.


Cover lens & touch panel compatibility

Optically bonded cover lens & touch panel available.


Simple integration

Driver design made easy with LCD 2.0.


Thin & flexible

Thinner displays allow for more compact products to provide a seamless display.


Eye safe

Reflective displays provide a fraction of the blue light emitted by traditional LCDs.


Intrinsic safety & extreme temp tolerance

LCD 2.0 is intrinsically safe, suited for extreme temps & is RoHS complaint.

Welcome to LCD 2.0

Azumo’s display module is here to light the way for high efficiency, durable displays that don’t fight the environment but work in tandem with it. The time has come for all of us to reflect on what displays can do for our devices.


LCD 2.0

LCD 2.0

Take a look into the next generation of LCD displays.

Front Light vs. Backlight

Front Light vs Backlight

Frontlit displays offer 10x more energy efficiency than backlit LCDs.

Front Light Panel

Front Light Panel

Azumo tech enables optimal front lighting for high performance reflective LCDs and EPDs.

Lightguide Film

Lightguide Film

An ultrathin lightguide with unparalleled precision.


LCD 2.0 is ultra thin, requires 80% fewer LEDs than a standard backlight, and is intrinsically safe. That means your device can go anywhere, work in any condition, and last longer.

It’s time to get in front with Azumo.



For devices that work in the most rugged & hazardous environments. NVG Secure.

Medical Device


Low power draw for continuous monitoring and peace of mind.

Educational Device


Healthy viewing for extended periods, indoors and out.



An intrinsically safe display that you can see in dark and light.

Wearable Device


A display that doesn’t fight the sun and works longer with smaller batteries.

Game Controller for Futuristic Gamers

Consumer Electronics

Advanced performance over transflective displays of the past.

Internet Device

Internet of Things

Slim, low power displays that communicate what’s necessary.

Custom Application

Custom Applications

See how far LCD 2.0 and the Azumo front light can take your next project.

Woodgrain Dash_ON:OFF-up


Explore the avenues Azumo opens for low power displays and illumination.

Get to know Azumo

See product details and guides, what we’ve been thinking, or find out more about what we’re doing and where we’re going.

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