Lose the backlight and take the power back

The backlight is outdated — its rigid structure, its inefficient transmission, and its inability to work in sunlight. LCD 2.0 is the next step in displays, and Azumo is bringing that to light.

What can Azumo bring to your device or display?

Medical Device


Low power draw for continuous monitoring and peace of mind.

Educational Device


Healthy viewing for extended periods, indoors and out.

Industrial Device


An intrinsically safe display that you can see in dark and light.

Wearable Device


A display that doesn’t fight the sun and works longer with smaller batteries.

Consumer Electronics Device

Consumer Electronics

Advanced performance over transflective displays of the past.

Internet Device

Internet of Things

Slim, low power displays that communicate what’s necessary.

Custom Application

Custom Applications

See how far LCD 2.0 and the Azumo front light can take your next project.

Automotive Device


Explore the avenues Azumo opens for low power displays and illumination.

Get to know Azumo products

See the details of our products, read about what we’re thinking, or find out more about what we’re doing and where we’re going.

Resource Center


Video: Azumo Developer Kit Training

Watch our dev kit training video to learn how to download control software, power up the front light, and learn advanced features.


Video: Get in Front with Azumo

Watch this brief video on how and why you should get in front with Azumo.


Video: Azumo Front Light on Color RLCD: Day vs Night

Azumo Front Light on RLCD Display: Sunlight & Dimly Lit Environments See our sunlight readable…