Consumer Electronics Devices

Offer a much more real viewing experience with a reflective display and Azumo front light panel.

Consumer Electronics Device

Real color is reflective

Consumer electronics are often a testing ground for new technology. And as we grow more and more comfortable with our personal devices, we take them more places and depend on them more. The era of LCD 2.0 is what can enable that — with help from the Azumo front light.

Get your device in front

Our revolutionary front light panel enables battery savings, thinner display stacks, daylight readability for any use — home assistants, tablets, e-readers, cyclometers, GPS devices and more. Don’t let the backlight in your device drain your battery and fight the sun.

Fewer LEDs

Fewer LEDs

One low-power LED is used in Azumo’s front light, compared to 5+ LEDs used in alternative display light guides.

Thinner Device Light

Thinner devices

Azumo’s film is only 0.05mm thick and requires less volume compared to backlights. In addition, the low power consumption enables smaller battery designs to reduce device size.

Battery Life

Extended batteries

The battery savings facilitated by Azumo are over 80x improved compared to backlighting a reflective display.

Ambient Light

Enhanced colors

Front lighting color reflective displays delivers more vivid colors to enhance display graphics and device branding.