Educational Devices

Backlights and other emissive displays can affect sleep cycles — particularly in children. But with Azumo tech, your educational device will emit less blue light.

Educational Device

A bright future

Children are using devices more than ever, and the educational benefits are obvious. But there are issues with prolonged exposure to intense blue light. Traditional displays output harmful blue light, but LCD 2.0 uses less blue light, and provides a more natural lighting experience — more suited to modern use.

An educational device that can go anywhere

Schooling isn’t simply limited to the classroom anymore. Children need to spend time learning outside the classroom, but their devices don’t work outside of their ideal conditions. With an Azumo frontlight, you can design an educational device that lasts longer, works where it needs to, and offers a lower blue light intake.


Less blue light

Prioritize safety and utility with a lower level of blue light that can impact eye development in children.

Ambient Light

Sunlight readability

Frontlit device displays are viewable in all lighting conditions, and don’t fight the sun.

Battery Life

Reduced power

The battery savings facilitated by Azumo are over 80x improved compared to backlighting a reflective display.

Thinner Device Light

Thinner devices

Azumo's film is only 0.05mm thick and requires less volume compared to backlights. In addition, the low power consumption enables smaller battery designs to reduce device size.

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