Industrial Devices

Azumo tech is intrinsically safe and works in some of the harshest conditions.

Industrial Device

Industrial strength for hazardous conditions

With the arrival of LCD 2.0, energy-saving RLCDs can take devices further for longer, and into environments previously not possible.

When the conditions are tough, the Azumo display module works harder and smarter to make sure device displays are viewable, require less power, and offer a crystal clear picture in dim or light situations.

Create a device that lasts

Devices that work in harsh environments need tough components that sip power, not guzzle it, and work wherever. The Azumo display module does all of that and more.

Intrinsically Safe

Intrinsically safe

Azumo's technology is safe for use in hazardous industrial settings.

Battery Life

Extended batteries

The battery savings facilitated by Azumo are over 80x improved compared to backlighting a reflective display.

Ambient Light

Sunlight readable

RLCDs use ambient light and can be viewed in dark, dim, and direct sunlight environments. Azumo’s front light works in dark and dim conditions.

Buy Azumo tech

Put an intrinsically safe display in your device. It’ll work in hazardous conditions, outdoors, or in dim light, and help you save power and design a lighter and smaller device.

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