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Display Technology Developed for Extreme Environments

Employee safety and successful operations rely on the ability to transmit and view critical information. Therefore, you need display screens designed to work reliably in the most extreme operational environments. From oil and gas and forestry operations to military and defense and search and rescue teams, your devices require a higher level of toughness and protection, as well as an optimized battery life to operate longer in the field between charges. You need the Azumo LCD 2.0 solution.

Our frontlit reflective LCD (RLCD) display module works harder and smarter, ensuring mission-critical device displays remain viewable in dim or bright light environments. Our LCD 2.0 technology is intrinsically safe, extremely thin, and uses power at a 90 percent lower rate than a backlit LCD. Devices built with Azumo LCD 2.0 technology can go more places, last longer, do more, and fit where they previously could not.

Key Benefits


Sunlight Visibility

From bright sunlight to low- or no-light, our LCD 2.0 solution provides a consistent contrast ratio across all environments, resulting in an optimal viewing experience with minimal power usage.


90% Power Savings

Instead of fighting the light around your device, the Azumo front light solution embraces it, providing a natural viewing experience with 10X power savings over traditional transmissive LCDs.


Simple Integration

Device designers can easily include our LCD 2.0 reflective frontlit display module in their designs using the same LCD drivers they’re already familiar with.


Intrinsically Safe

Our display technology meets stringent requirements, earning an intrinsically safe designation for operations in hazardous environments.


Wide Temperature Range

From sub-zero temperatures (-20°C) to extreme heat (80°C), our LCD 2.0 screens are designed to provide a reliable and consistent display.


Ultra-Thin Display Stacks

With the ability to use a single off-the-shelf LED and light guide film that is just 0.05mm, when added to a display stack, our front light solution feels like it is barely there.





Oil & Gas


Site Utilities


Search & Rescue


Forestry, Mining, & Surveying


Heavy Equipment


If your industrial device must reliably operate through dusty, muddy, snowy, or wet conditions, you need the toughest and most secure device display available – the Azumo LCD 2.0 solution.

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Environmental Sensors and Devices


Logistics and Warehousing Equipment


Worker Safety Devices


Industrial Remote Controls

Ultrasonic test to detect imperfection or defect of steel plate

Industrial Test Equipment

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Gas and Utility Detection

The Technology Behind LCD 2.0

Traditional LCDs have long fought against the conditions they work in – using power-hungry backlights to light a screen that is just competing against external light sources. LCD 2.0 is here to fix this.

By combining an RLCD with revolutionary Azumo Front Light Panel and Azumo Lightguide Film technology, LCD 2.0 is the first complete power-efficient solution for maintaining consistent display contrast across dynamic lighting conditions. This is possible because the display uses reflected ambient light when available and also includes a low-power front light for clear and efficient low-light operations. Now, devices across LCD screens, even those that need to provide reliable operations in extreme industrial environments, can be designed to do the unimaginable – simultaneously optimize both battery life and screen readability in all lighting conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

LCD 2.0 combines a reflective LCD (RLCD) with the Azumo Front Light Panel and Azumo Lightguide Film, offering the first complete power-efficient solution for maintaining consistent display contrast across dynamic lighting conditions.

Learn More about LCD 2.0

In a backlight display, light is beamed from behind the display, while a front light transmits light from an LED array at the edge of the device to a central area through light guides – reducing strain on both a consumer’s eyes and the device’s battery.

Backlit vs Frontlit

For many devices, operational issues occur when air gaps between a cover lens and a display form, leading to problems with data entry and leaving room for water ingress and moisture collection. But with new cover lens bonding technologies, designers can increase product reliability without sacrificing display features and readability. Displays can be bonded securely to protective elements like Gorilla Glass, offering the best possible protection and longevity for the product.

Azumo front light technology comes in a variety of display size options and is well suited for a variety of applications including defense, medical, educational, industrial, consumer, and automotive devices.

Azumo LCD 2.0 display modules are compatible with standard LCD drivers, making it easy for engineers to design one of our modules into any device that would use a traditional LCD.


Case Study: The Aarcomm Trident

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