Medical Devices

Frontlit and reflective displays let medical devices stay on longer, and work in difficult conditions.

Medical Device

Safe, with always-on peace of mind

Medical monitors and drug delivery systems are crucial and are only effective if they can adapt to the way people live. RLCDs make longer battery lives and outdoor readability possible — with help from Azumo.

Perfectly suited for medical devices

Whether it’s a wearable device or a monitor in a hospital, Azumo displays offer key benefits for medical device displays.

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ISO Certified

ISO certified

Azumo is certified for use in multiple medical devices and drug delivery systems.

Battery Life

Extended battery life

The battery savings facilitated by Azumo are over 80x improved compared to backlighting a reflective display.

Ambient Light


Wearable medical devices are viewable in sunlight and darkness with the help of an Azumo front light.