Why have a tablet AND an e-reader when you can have the benefits of both!

LCD 2.0 is easy on the eyes and the battery. It’s especially well suited for school children who are now spending an enormous amount of time on their school-issued screens and for anyone who wants to view a screen

This reflective LCD tablet enables video content in 16.7M color never before seen in a frontlit reflective display.

This 10.5″ reflective display tablet is Azumo’s largest display to date. It includes Azumo’s front light panel which is optically bonded to the front of the display, below the cover glass and touch panel, to provide high quality and low power viewability in all environments.

It showcases many LCD 2.0 attributes:

  • Sunlight readable – vibrant in 100k lux ambient brightness
  • Video capable – utilizes LCD refresh of 60 Hz
  • Ultra low power – as low as 60 mW

See the tablet in action!

Tablet in bright sun

Tablet in low light

View Display Specs

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