Azumo at CES 2020: The bright future of tech

CES 2020

Another year, another successful CES. It was great to meet with our customers, partners and rep organizations — and imagine the ways Azumo can play a role in the future of tech. Here are a few of our favorite highlights from the week.

FLEx attends CES 2020


We saw lots of cool new devices that get people around, from products that work for both accessibility and comfort like the Segway S-Pod to the self-driving vehicles from Lyft. It was hard not to think about how so many of these products could benefit from a Azumo front light panel. Especially now that every ounce of our vehicles is being deeply considered because of its impact on range, and the race to extend it. And then there’s the sunlight readability issue that most screens fail at. This was OK when computers stayed indoors, but they’re moving into the sunlight. Let’s take a tractor with wraparound windows or an electric-powered speedboat — having screens that are low power and readable in sunlight could change the game.

Electric Vehicles

Audi and Ford showed off their EV concepts. And beyond the range-extending abilities of Azumo, there’s also the work we do on grilles, which are essential to branding but no longer needed to cool electric motors. It’s the perfect place for a thin light that can work around LIDAR sensors these cars will eventually need when it’s time to ditch the driver.

Smart Home Tech

We saw everything from see-through fridge doors, personal stylist and mirror all-in-ones, advanced air and water filters, smart security cameras to touchless toilets. Plenty of opportunity for small-form factor reflective displays.


There were lots of wearables using TFT displays on the floor. At this point, they’re just waiting to be replaced with reflective LCDs for longer battery life and outdoor readability. Who wants a power hungry backlight that makes it difficult to see your heart rate, your battery life, your GPS coordinates when you’re out in the world? Reflective LCDs are the next big step in this category.


This was the big new thing in personal devices. But frankly, they’ve still not reached their full potential. We saw tons of rigid foldables with a single bend. Azumo technology can do much more than that — we recently completed a test with half a million folds. We’re excited about the future, though.

Our own tech

We showed off our latest and greatest in a private suite: a full color, full video display in the highest resolution display we’ve worked with. And it’ll soon be on the market. Keep an eye out. We can’t wait for everyone to see it. It was a fantastic week at CES, and the future looks brighter and brighter for tech. So bright that they’ll need a reflective display.

FLEx Demos at CES

Azumo demos at CES 2020

Reflective mode - front light off CES 2020

Reflective display with front light off

Reflective displays with Front light

Reflective displays with front light on

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