Azumo Introduces New Ultra-Thin Light Panel for Electric Vehicles

There are many applications for thin, low-power front light panels. As the automotive world whirs away from the combustion engine, every component falls under the microscope for power consumption in the race to extend range.

Recently, Azumo partnered with SABIC, an organization committed to next-gen automotive design and low-power technologies to demonstrate an exciting new product at the International Symposium for Automotive Lighting in Germany.

four Mercedes cars

We showcased an illuminated panel of flexible polycarbonate film that solves some key technological and branding issues of electric vehicles. Electric vehicles don’t really need grilles. There’s no radiator, and while electric motors and other components require cooling, they’re often in areas nowhere near the traditional grille.

But can you imagine a BMW without that iconic split grille in the front? They’ve become a prominent piece of brand recognition. So how can brands modernize this element? How can they use it to demonstrate their forward-thinking? SABIC believes illumination is an elegant answer that draws little power and incorporates well with lighter automotive materials like plastics.

image showing inside of automobile lighting

Paired with the end of the combustion engine is the arrival of autonomous or self-driving cars. Any technology in the grille of a car will have to share the real estate with advanced sensors and other devices, and our ultra-thin light panel fits in nicely here.

graphic of ultra-thin front light panel

We’re excited to create a product that can be a part of this creative solution that addresses power-conservation, modernizes brands and lights the way to a brighter future. Look for more exciting developments in the near future—stay in front with Azumo.

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