How to Disrupt a $130B Industry

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Mike Casper, CEO at Azumo, talks with Dylan Ratigan from Bootstrapping to discuss how the LED market is over a $130B industry. It’s not a sexy business, but those are the ones that are some of the most stable in the world.

“We pivoted the business a few times but fundamentally the core technology we developed was using a new lighting system. We realized where the LCD was going and started to get phone calls from the major LCD makers in Asia saying ‘Can you adapt your tech to work with next generation display technology’ and that’s ultimately what turned into Azumo today” – Mike Casper, Azumo CEO.

Launched in 2008, Azumo makes a thin plastic film – the width of a human hair – that basically enables 10x power savings with our devices’ screens, makes them safer for our eyes, and allows for better sunlight visibility. Azumo’s LCD technology requires 80% fewer LCDs (and is lighter weight / easier on the eyes as well). Their tech also saves battery life and can be seen in all lighting conditions (kind of like a Kindle) — but can be applied to wearables, medical equipment, automobiles, etc — basically any consumer electronics.

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