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AUO & Azumo Collaborate to Bring a High-Resolution, Low Power, 64 Color Reflective LCD to Mass Production

November 15, 2023 09:00 AM Eastern Standard Time CHICAGO–Azumo, the leader in thin, low power…


Azumo Display Module with Sharp 3.2 RLCD

Watch this short video to view a side-by-side comparison of LCD 2.0, Azumo’s display module,…


Display Week: Sun Vision Display Touts Outdoor LCD Display With Up To 95% Less Power

16:9 – From SID Display Week: Illinois company Sun Vision Display showcases its outdoor-rated LCD display using…


GPS World: Bad Elf Flex displays Azumo’s power-saving display

When survey receiver maker Bad Elf set out to make its new Flex device, they…


What Is a Good Screen Resolution? When Quantity Stops Creating Quality.

By Mike Casper Be honest. The last time you bought a TV, did you feel…

Case Studies

Visibility in Any Lighting Condition: Why Kestrel Ballistics Added LCD 2.0 to Their Heads Up Display

It’s hard to imagine a more demanding situation for a display than in a ballistics…


16:9 Podcast

How Azumo Takes A Lot Of The Heat And Power Usage Out Of Outdoor Full-Video…


Display Daily: Low Power LCDs from Sharp and Azumo

Azumo CEO, Mike Casper, and executives at Sharp sat down with Bob Raikes from Display…

Case Studies

How Bad Elf Democratized an Essential Tool

Bad Elf has been selling affordable external global positioning system (GPS) receivers for over a…


Authority Magazine’s Meet the Disruptors Series

Read more from Azumo CEO, Mike Casper, On The Three Things You Need To Shake Up Your Industry


Decoding Displays: All the Acronyms You Need to Know

Picking the right display for your device impacts everything from your power budget to the end user’s experience. In our latest blog, we cover all the different display types and acronyms you need to know to help you make the best choice.


Do I Need LCD 2.0?

Engineer to engineer, Adnan Baleh answers common questions about the frontlit reflective technology behind LCD 2.0.


Design HMI – Azumo Light Transmission

Automotive designers have been wrestling with the demand for more creative lighting because of the bulk, weight, power, and ridged platforms in current PC / Acrylic Light Guide Technologies. Azumo's light transmission technology provides beautiful, efficient illumination from ultra-thin transmissive material.

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