Front Light Panel

Move your LCD light to the front

Use a display that consumes less power, looks great in the sun, and enables thinner devices.

Front Light Panel

LCD 2.0

Get in front

The Azumo Front Light Panel was developed to deliver the precise lighting profiles required to interact with the next generation of reflective LCDs. Our ultrathin optical film integrates with the front surface of most reflective displays to enable the optimum LCD 2.0 display module.

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What the front light panel can do for your device.

With Azumo, you can create thinner devices that require less power, yet deliver enhanced performance.

Thinner Device Light

Thinner display stacks

Azumo front lights use a 0.05mm thick optical film and require less volume compared to backlights. And lower power requirements enable smaller batteries.

Power Saving

Power efficiency

The battery savings facilitated by Azumo are over 80x improved compared to backlighting a reflective display..

Ambient Light

Utilizing ambient light

Stop fighting the light around your device, and start using it for a natural viewing experience to get 10x the power savings over traditional LCDs.

Enhanced Colors

Enhanced colors

Front lighting color reflective displays delivers more vivid colors to enhance display graphics and device branding.

Fewer LEDs

Fewer LEDs

As few as one low-power LED is used in Azumo’s front light, compared to 5+ LEDs used in alternative display light guides.

Reflective LCD

Reflective LCDs

LCDs have been the predominant display technology for decades, but traditionally weren’t suited well for battery-operated devices. With more devices going portable, display manufacturers such as Sharp and JDI responded with a reflective display. By replacing a rear polarizer with a mirror at the back of the pixels, LCDs suddenly could use the ambient light around them and didn’t need the power-hungry backlight.

Reflective displays don’t require electricity to emit light, and many of them have Memory In Pixel (MIP), so they can hold an image with extremely low power. They are growing in popularity, and the Azumo front light panel is here to complete the module and help light the way.

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