LCD 2.0

LCD 2.0 — a new era of display technology

Displays can do so much more for devices. It’s time to move past the power-hungry backlit LCD and embrace the front lit reflective LCD.

LCDs have long fought against the conditions they work in — using power-hungry backlights to light a screen that must compete against external light sources. But advances in reflective LCDs and the Azumo front light are enabling device displays that sip power, utilize the available surrounding light when available, and work in nearly any light condition.

With LCD 2.0, your device can stop fighting the power, and embrace the light around it. That means your device can go more places, do more, and last longer.

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Use the power of ambient light

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Stop fighting the power

Battery life has long been a massive challenge for the tech industry. And most inefficiencies come directly from the display stack — mostly the backlight. Typically, backlights are as powerful as a car headlight shining directly in a user’s eyes, and consume most of their energy fighting other light sources.

Reflective LCDs avoid that problem, and use whatever ambient light there is to illuminate the screen. And for low light conditions, the Azumo front light is there.

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A look into the future with LCD 2.0

Azumo technology is intrinsically safe, extremely thin, sips power at a 90% lower rate than backlit LCDs, and is certified for industrial and medical uses. In the age of LCD 2.0, devices with reflective LCDs can go more places, last longer, do more, and fit where they previously couldn’t.

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