Lightguide Film

Azumo has re-invented the light guide

An ultra-thin optical film that changes the way we see things.

Lightguide Film

Precision Film

Light precision

With as few as one off-the-shelf LED, our technology inserts light into a film that’s thinner than a piece of paper. The light is extracted precisely where and how it needs to be.

Thin, efficient, invisible, flexible

The Azumo light guide film can seamlessly integrate to deliver light in places other materials can’t.

Thinner Device Light

Extremely thin

Our light guide film can be as thin as 50 microns, yet it works with the most common LEDs on the market.


Energy efficient

Improved optical coupling, collimation and attenuation deliver more light to where you want it. Efficient LEDs can be used without the typical losses from diffusion and materials losses.



The size of light extraction features are directly proportional to the thickness of the light guide material. Azumo’s optical system allows for materials that are 5x thinner than traditional light guides, enabling features 5x smaller and completely invisible.



Azumo’s proprietary light mixing region can be flexed away from the edge, eliminating the need for a frame to cover hot spots of traditional edge lighting.