2.7” Monochrome Display 12655-06, NVG Secure

Sharp (LS027B7DH01A)
Graphic LCD Display Module — Reflective TFT — 2.7" — 400 x 240 dot pixels — 173 PPI


Display module including Azumo’s front light panel optically bonded to the front of the Sharp reflective display (LS027B7DH01A), below the cover glass, to provide high quality and low power viewability in all environments.

This 2.7″ monochrome display module uses reflective LCD 2.0 technology and is specifically designed for military applications where Night Vision Goggle (NVG) security is critical. The MIP LCD enables ultra low-power consumption, extending the battery life of your device. The integrated front light uses a single LED enabling low SWaP required devices to offer a superior user experience for a variety of military and defense applications. This display has been tested and proves to be capable of meeting the following standards: US Army CECOM NVG Secure Lighting SOW and MIL-STD-3009 Section 3.2.2.

  • 2.7″ (68.58mm) diagonal size
  • 58.80mm (H) x 35.28mm (V) active area
  • 0.147mm (H) × 0.147mm (V) dot pitch (173 PPI)
  • Reflective Monochrome (1bpp) TFT
  • 50 – 175uW display power consumption
  • RLCD manufactured by Sharp

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