DSCC: Azumo Raises Funding for Expansion of Reflective LCD Front-Lights

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Bob O’Brien had the opportunity to discuss Azumo’s expansion in our head office in downtown Chicago with CEO Mike Casper and CTO Tony Nichol. With the latest announcement of Azumo’s $30M funding round in financing led by inventor firms Anzu Partners, SABIC Ventures, VEtolQ, Dipalo Ventures, and Energy Founders. At our Chicago office, Casper and Nichol disclosed that Azumo has operations in Mexico with Foxconn as a contract manufacturer making compact reflective LCDs, with Azumo’s lightguide film for industrial displays.

The RLCD category has been a deserted corner within the realm of displays. E-ink has been a household name for e-readers. Although, with E-ink’s technology comes restrictions pertaining to quick refresh rate and color. The upcoming stages of Azumo will be larger displays that will be focused on the educational tablet market. The business has been in contact with numerous additional panel makers for these displays that vary from 7” to 13.3”. All of which include increased quality of color saturation and resolution. Dr. Nichol says, “With Azumo’s front lightguide film, reflective LCD 2.0™ offers the benefits of high-resolution color and video because of the front light, whereas other devices with no front light experience color and video are hindered.

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