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Nano-Thin Film Illumination (Nano-TFI)

Images on surfaces, not through surfaces

Azumo’s Nano-TFI solution creates high resolution images for a variety of surfaces and applications. Our unique approach creates branding and decorative imaging invisibly on materials from glass to wood grain veneer to carbon fiber. For smart surface applications, Nano-TFI seamlessly integrates with touch sensors.

As opposed to other techniques that require backlighting through material to create images, Nano-TFI resides on the “A” surface remaining invisible until lit up.

Eye-catching imagery, transparent gadgets, game device badging, and more are all possible with our ultra-thin and flexible system. Drive differentation of your products with colorful branding and unique lighting.


Gaming Devices

Lenovo_Nano-TFI keyboard

Transparent Gadgets

Home Speaker Setting

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