Azumo Product - Sharp 2.7

2.7” Monochrome Display 13290-03

Sharp (LS027B7DH01)
Graphic LCD Display Module — Reflective TFT — Monochrome with RGB LED — 2.7” — 400 x 240 dot pixels — 173 PPI


Display module including Azumo’s front light panel optically bonded to the front of the Sharp reflective display (LS027B7DH01), below the cover glass, to provide high quality and low power viewability in all environments.

Azumo’s thin lightguide incorporates only a single LED which enables product designers to develop ultra-thin devices and minimize battery use.

  • 2.7″ (68.58mm) diagonal size
  • 58.80(H) x 35.28mm (V) active area
  • 0.147mm (H) × 0.147mm (V) dot pitch (173 PPI)
  • Reflective Monochrome (1bpp) with 8-Color (3bpp) TFT
  • 50 – 175uW display power consumption
  • RLCD manufactured by Sharp