Defense Devices

Made to work wherever, even in the most rugged and hazardous environments.


Reliable strength for rugged conditions

When in poor conditions, Azumo’s reflective display module perseveres to ensure displays are viewable in all conditions (night vision included!), have indispensable power, and offer distinct imaging. LCD 2.0 is the perfect complement to your low SWaP device with superior sunlight readability.

Reflective LCD 2.0 has the ability to take devices to places they’ve never been before, and for extended periods of time.

Generate a rugged and combative device that lasts in all conditions

Devices that work in severe environments need durable components that work everywhere and conserve power. The Azumo display module does all of that and more.

Read Front Light NIGHT VISION Compatibility Study



Night vision compatible

Azumo's technology has night vision capabilities (NVG Secure)

Battery Life

Extended battery life

The battery savings facilitated by Azumo are over 90x improved compared to a backlit display


Extreme temperature

Suitable for severe temps from -20℃ - 80℃


GPS denied

Essential to operate in devices where navigational infrastructures simply cannot exist


Low Heat Signature

One LED means less heat radiated from your device

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