Burner Management & Combustion Controls

Burner Managment

Designed with user experience in mind

LCD 2.0 proves to be robust, reliable, and increase user experience. This device was specifically designed with LCD 2.0 to  create “an intuitive user interface and experience”.

With a device that is always on, LCD 2.0 can assure ultra-low power consumption. Our LCD 2.0 technology uses power at a 90% lower rate than a backlit LCD, has a low heat signature, and is intrinsically safe.

Why did they choose LCD 2.0?

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Devices that ensure safety need reliable components. With LCD 2.0, this device enhances user experience with an easily readable display in all lighting conditions.

Designing a display for a oil & gas industry device? Start with Azumo, backed by the largest manufacturers in the world.

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